stupid is as stupid does

El pendejo no se escuela… se nacer. ~ an old Mexican saying.

loosely translated… “A dumbass doesn’t go to school to learn to be stupid. He’s born with it.”

I was on my way home from work yesterday and saw this guy driving around with this sign on his truck. Dumb ass.attack-iran.jpg

I suspect like all the other old, white guys up on “The Hill” who are bucking to ramp up troop numbers in the Mid East, that this guy isn’t willing to send his son or daughter over to The Sandbox.

Piece o’ shit! They’re all a bunch of little cowardly pieces of shit! Send your sons and daughters, too!

You know what Mr. Bush… you want to keep fightin’ this war… you want to add more troops?! I’ve got a few buddies in the 8th Marine Corps Recruiting District who I served with who I’m sure would LOVE to sign up the twins.


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