help each other

hi y’all… I’m feeling a little verklempt right now.

I saw a very moving story today on Good Morning America about a young man named Andre Jones. Jones has an eye disease that, over time caused him to be legally blind and barely see beyond two or three feet.

His site was restored recently in one eye but only because a young girl, a seventeen year old, passed away and whose parents allowed her organs to be donated to medicine.

You know… (i’m getting a little choked up thinking about this as i type)…

[pause… blink, blink]

… i think we’re here on this earth to help each other. In doing so we give praise to all that is holy. [deist whispers] help each other.

Please do consider becoming an organ donor. It’s an amazing, holy, act of selflessness. And when leaving this earthly plane, we can give such a depth of meaning to someone’s life who might otherwise not be able to live but simply exist.

It’s something I’ve always considered but haven’t been quite moved to do until today.






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