how my momma showed me God

I remember an article that came out some time ago in Time Magazine called the God Gene. As the title and subtitle suggest, science is applying the “which came first” question to spirituality and some scientists are saying, DNA created God first… not God created our DNA.

Possible I suppose… certainly within the realm of possibility. That would kinda suck though and throw my belief system in the crapper.

But i prefer this possibility instead. I learned it from my mom… who, if there ever really was a human incarnation of The Divine, it was her… not Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddah, or Krishna. Nope, good ol’ mom. She is the epitome, definition and incarnation of patience and unconditional love.

I can actually pinpoint the moment the latter possibility happened.

We were driving down to South Texas one summer to visit her sister and along one desolate and barren stretch of US Hwy 59, she points out the windshield of our 1970 Ford Capri and says, “how is it possible? How is it possible the little birds and plants and animals can even survive in this?” If you’ve been in South Texas in July you can imagine why this thought came to her in this seemingly uninhabitable area.

She sat in silence for a moment. I, and amazingly my two brothers and two sisters… sat silent for a moment. Then she said through a welling eye… that MUST be proof that God exists.”

The way she said it in context with some of her other statements came across to me this way, God made this place so it could sustain itself without Him needing to get in the mix.

I think that’s where I got my Deist approach to spirituality.

I think Deism settled into me on a road trip during the summer of 1975, in a tiny, canary yellow car with no A/C staring into the South Texas desert as an incarnation of The Divine spat out a little wisdom.

Shit… who knows, it could be a mutated gene.
Here’s to you, Señor [UU Deist takes a sip of beer and raises bottle up to Heaven]

One response to “how my momma showed me God

  1. More and more I find the ‘truth’ of God’s existance in nature. I’m pretty good with not having to prove that existance anymore. I’m just trying to surrender to it.

    My new old friend…I will be blogging again. I had to bail for (ex)personal reasons. If you’d like to know where I’ll be hanging out, send me some sort of sign – No lightening bolts though, please, as it’ll ruin my do 😉

    Namaste….and don’t forget. Those birdies talk back.

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