ahhh yes… Friday the 13th

I’m not a particularly superstitious person. Maybe it’s the deist in me…. maybe it’s the UU in me. I don’t know. Never really understood why people throw salt over their shoulder. Black cats… eh i’d rather stay away from any cat. Don’t like ’em.

Don’t walk under ladders. Knock on wood. Don’t open an umbrella in the house. All those things…. they don’t really do anything for me.

I was trying to sell my house a couple of years ago and my mom said I should bury a figurine of St Joseph in my front yard upside down… you know, with his feet pointed to heaven. I thought it was kinda funny, dismissed my mom’s old Mexican wives’ tale and proceeded with using my realtor and good ol’ fashioned marketing.

Sometimes The History Channel and other networks will show programs about the history of religion or do some sort of documentary of certain topics such as The Apocolypse, hell, the Book of Revelations, The Devil, etc. and I become fascinated… hooked if you well, stopping everything I was doing to watch. Afterwards I have sometimes wondered to what degree did superstition have in creating these stories and concepts of heaven and hell and the devil and salvation.

I suppose it makes it easier to keep on keepin on if we mere mortals can affect fate by hanging a horseshoe over the threshold or picking up a heads-up penny or carrying a cross around our neck for protection.

Hmmm… i don’t know.

Never did sell my house though. Eight months on the market and not a nibble.

[Deist jumps over a crack as he heads out to lunch]

2 responses to “ahhh yes… Friday the 13th

  1. You have a statue of St. Joseph handy? Maybe try following your Mama’s advice 😉

  2. So are U*Us feeling lucky? 😉

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