let’s stretch a little

I’ve been stretching again.
About four years ago I started stretching and then moved it to a yoga practice then to a class with a yoga instructor. Loved it.

I really looked forward to that class. But as will usually happen, other events in life take their place on the front burners and so my yoga practice got pushed to the back of the line until completely out of the picture. Wax and wane… it’s the cycle of things.

But…. I started again and it feels good. [deist stretches arms out wide… ‘oh yeah that feels good.’ yawn!] It feels really good. No yoga poses yet though. Just taking baby steps until I think I can get to a nice pigeon pose again.

That’s kinda what’s happening with me here on WordPress as well. One of the reasons I started this blog was in an effort to reclaim a bit of my UU faith which I felt was waning. I think it’s been working out quite well.

Comments to my posts and the blogging friends I’ve made have helped so much in getting me back to where I was. Grace, you’re awesome. I like Gnu UU’s stuff as well. He feels like a kindred spirit. (yes, this is a flagrant attempt to pimp out some of the people I read) I stroll by Comrade Kevin’s page now and again and can identify a lot with some of his posts/comments about why he left UU-ism. I lurk around to a number of the bloggers from the uupdates.net aggregator as well. Bill Philips was one of the first to comment on my blog. He’s a Christian fella who, I think, is a pretty fair example of Christian fundamentalism. Much love to you Bill! You really stretched me. (By the way… that really sucks about the cops. Glad you didn’t get thrown in jail.) Actually, the comments I’ve received from the very devoted Christian folks that have stopped by trying to save me have really stretched me. Made me think. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This blog has helped me begin stretching again. [Deist stands up and touches his toes for a few seconds] Aaahhhhhhhh… oh yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. I lovvvvve the feeling of stretching.


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