faith in action


I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks but have been waiting on the paper work to come but I figured what the heck… I’ll go ahead and let everyone know.

I did it! And it was a lot easier than i thought. Almost as easy as becoming one of those online ordained ministers. Click, click, click… and there you have it. Organs donated.

I hope those who find this post will consider donating your organs as well. I mean you can’t take ’em with you when your gone and it could really help a lot of people. Here is a story about Andre Jones which got me inspired to do this.

And here is a link to get you started. It’s Donate Life America and it has a link on how to donate from any state in the union.

Peace y’all.



4 responses to “faith in action

  1. Wow. That is great. I am going to talk with my family and do that as well. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Jules,

    I was in a horrible accident 16 years ago and broke 13 major bones in my body…including some significant facial damage. In the simplest of terms, my nose was shattered and the internal damage was significant.

    After three months in the hospital and four surgeries, they put my nose back together. Cosmetically, it looked better, but it still wasn’t working. I couldn’t smell, I was constantly congested do to the the consistent swelling of tissues, it was red. This was HORRIBLE for a radio personality. I sounded like Lisa Loopner, Gilda Radner’s very nasal character from the old from Saturday Night Live skit.

    I finally had one last reconstructive surgery and was given donated cartiledge from a young California woman who was kind and generous enough to signed a Living Will which included bone, organ and tissue donation.

    What she gave me didn’t save my life by any means, but it improved my quality of life, exponentially. I am grateful.

    I am indebted.

    I enourage EVERYONE to give the “other” gift of life….themselves.

    Thanks Jules!!
    Laurie Kendrick

  3. I work with a woman who lost her 23 year old son in a tragic motorcycle accident. In the state that we live in it is legislated that while in drivers education teens are to be educated about organ donation. The day of that presentation her son came home from school and told his parents he wanted to be an organ donor. There were many conversations about this and when the sad day came his family knew what he would have wanted to do. 6 people’s lives were affected as a result of being recipients of his organs. My boss shares this story across the nation in the hope that more people will become organ donors.

    My own mother died as a result of kidney failure and so organ donation is something that means a lot to me. Through death a life can be renewed and that’s an amazing gift.

  4. Hey Jackie… I hope the links I added will help you in find out more info on this. Let me know how it goes.
    ((Laurie)) Thanks for stopping by. I used to do a little radio when i was in the military and can only imagine how debilitating that could be to a radio career. Thanks for sharing your story. I’ll stop by your blog from time to time. thanks again for the True Love post you have going.
    ((Bibliomom)) Thanks to you, too for stopping by. Being an organ donor is something I’ve thought of for many years but never acted on until now. I understand one of the most important things you can do is let your family know your intent as Laurie mentioned of the California woman and her living will. I just sent the e-mail to my sister, brother, mom and dad a couple of days ago. I’ll stop by from time to time to see what’s happening in your little piece of Blogurbia.

    thanks guys… Jules.

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