the circle

I have a co worker whose mother died over the weekend….. Friday evening specifically. She lived a pretty long and rich life… i believe she was 84 years old but over the past few years her health declined rather rapidly and she passed away due to her illness.

Her funeral was held Monday.

I have another co worker who on Saturday morning gave birth to her baby girl.

It reminded me of this song by Live.


2 responses to “the circle

  1. I found out that I was pregnant with my youngest 3 weeks after my mothers funeral. At my first ultrasound out of curiosity I asked if she could give me a date of conception. “Sure she said and it’s very accurate, August 5”. I nodded, “That’s what I figured”. August 5 was the date of my Mom’s funeral. There was something very poignant in that. We call her our gift from heaven. I asked my Mom for a sign the day of her funeral that we would all be okay. I feel that my daughter was that sign.

  2. Bibliomom… thank you so much for sharing that story. Absolutely amazing. nice little sign your youngest is indeed. p.s. – nice toes she has, too ; ) love your tootsies post you placed the other day.

    you know… i placed the organ donor tag on this post because of the video, not because the story of my co-worker’s mom has anything to do with it. The band Live wrote that song for a high school friend who died in a car crash and she was an organ donor. Still… the song kinda has that circle of life theme your story has along with what i just experienced.
    thanks for stopping by.

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