Something big is coming – the No Match Rule

The Department of Homeland Security wants to implement an administrative measure on immigration that is being called the “No Match Rule” which could have some big economic impacts. Actually I’m quite certain it will have big economic impacts if it instated.

For now, a temporary restraining order has been granted and will be in effect until Oct 1, when another federal judge will consider whether to grant an injunction

that would block the rule until a union’s lawsuit against the federal government is held. Man… lots of politics in this one. (Left) A border patrol agent looks at the Rio Grande river with Mexico on the left and the U.S. on the right from a railroad bridge in Laredo, Texas

Us vs Them

Many of my company’s clients (by many i mean about 98% of the 175 or so clients we have) hire illegals. And no… they’re not illegal aliens from Canada or England. They’re Mexicans. They’re Hondurans. They’re El Salvadorians.

We’ve had a couple dozen or so call asking what we can do to help them since the Aug 10 announcement by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to instate the rule. Unfortunately our response has had to be, “nothing.” There is nothing we can do to cure the immigration problem / paradox and nothing we can do to help our clients.

The paradox i refer to is, this country wants illegal aliens for the cheap labor but we don’t want ’em living here.

I’m not one who gets fired up about activism or the political landscape. I don’t get my rocks off by debating dems vs republicans, choice or life, more government or less government. But this is different.

This subject hits a little close to home. I am Mexican.

The people involved are from my parent’s country. People of my heritage. Mi jente. It isn’t so easy for me to think in an “Us vs Them” mentality as many other Americans do.

What should we do?

I have a hard time figuring out where the sides of politics and activism and being a man of faith are separated. There is no definite line. Although i wish there was because like I said, I’m not one who gets fired up about activism or politics. All i want is to carve out my little piece of the pie and have everyone just leave me the hell alone.

But as a man of faith, this stirs something in me that tells me this is wrong. It tells me I should do or say something to make it right. I mean, these people are just…. hell we are ALL just trying to provide for our families and ourselves through an honest day’s work and soak in this thing we call life.

But the problem is they’re breaking a law of this country. They have not immigrated legally.

The beauty of this country (as screwed up as it can be) is that everyone has opportunity. Some opportunity is smaller or harder to get to than others but still it’s there. We should try to figure out a way to give everyone that chance. I don’t know how or what we should do but there’s got to be a way.

I need to do a little more research to see how I can fix immigration.

[Deist takes a sip of his beer and thinks to himself, “maybe i should start buying Mexican beer.”]


2 responses to “Something big is coming – the No Match Rule

  1. Been reading you yesterday and today. I really like your thoughts and how you say them, and in several posts like this one, you arrive is so close to my own feelings on the issue.

    Your writing makes me look at the world more optimistically, with a mind for being more open toward it. Nice work.

  2. Amuirin, thank you for the kind words. very nice compliment especially coming from you. I just read a bit of you as well and love your writing. So skilled you are.
    big hugs. hope the weekend treated you well.

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