who’s your candidate!

I found this while lurking around on WordPress today.

Coincidentally, I found out while stopping by at Another Working Mom’s place that today is apparently Delurking Day .



3 responses to “who’s your candidate!

  1. lol…let’s see. 204-13=

    191 people owe me comments, today, then. But you’re paid up. Wooo… and now me too.

    I read once, on another blog that the internet is divided in such as way that 1% of people who get on the internet create almost all the text/material. 3% of people do something interactive (like comment occasionally, make contributions, etc.) and the remaning 96% are completely silent observers (this didn’t count e-mail) and they go and get information, or read but don’t leave any trace that they’ve been there.

    I don’t think that holds true for the blog community though. When you start with a dynamic community of writers to begin with, it probly warps that statistic all to hell.

  2. Why am I commenting here? It seems like a fine post to comment on. I have nothing to add to it. I just wanted to say that I think you’re cool because of something you said elsewhere.

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