… a sorrow divided

Amuirin, who periodically stops by and shows some love on my posts recently added this little gem to a rather personal story I disclosed.

Something I’ve noticed is that every so often those in Blogland purge. Perhaps in an exercise of catharsis they tell a life’s story of pain or loss or grief. More often than not, these life stories are quite moving and I think it can be difficult to respond to deeply personal posts like that.

Those who have been writing, even for a short while, seem to have found at least a small online community whose members are a part of the catharsis. They’re a part of it because their comments let us know we aren’t the only ones who hurt or feel from the same story.

At my church we open a space during Sunday service where people can share the sorrows and joys in their lives. We say, “Let it be that a joy shared is a joy multiplied and a sorrow shared is a sorrow divided.”

Thank you friends… for dividing my sorrow a little.


2 responses to “… a sorrow divided

  1. I think that it is difficult to respond especially if you feel a connection with the topic that you are reading about. Commenting through tears sometimes is a difficult thing to do. Reading through them is hard enough.

    Amuirin left you a beautiful gift.

  2. This made me smile. (tongue-tied)

    You have a wonderful way of weaving things together. Yeah, that community is really… important. To writing too. In a great discussion on red Ravine it occured to me that the encouragement and friendship of other writers is kind of ‘nutritious’ to the writing process. Lending inspiration, support and laughter.

    I’m glad you’re part of that little community. 🙂

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