No-match letters… two days to go

On October 1st, a San Francisco federal judge extended for 10 days a temporary restraining order that blocks the Department of Homeland Security from sending “no-match” letters to approximately 140,000 employers. By the 11th, the judge will rule on whether or not to permanently stop the Social Security Administration (SSA) from sending said letters.

I’ve only recently begun following this because it indirectly affects the company I work for. However there have been municipalities over the past year or so making news by enacting laws similar to the one the Dept of Homeland Security is attempting to enforce. Just a few of those are: Tulsa, OK, Riverside, NJ and Hazleton, PA

I wonder if the fate of the Homeland Security’s attempt will run the fate of the Hazleton, PA law. It was struck down by a federal judge as unconstitutional.

But what if… just what if, the DHS is given the go ahead with the No Match letters?

Perhaps we’ll find ourselves in the predicament that Riverside saw themselves in with their economy suffering. I can’t help but think it is what will most likely happen.

From a report yesterdat filed by Diane Sawyer on ABC’s Good Morning America this excerpt comes:

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has said his city would “collapse if they were deported,” referring to Mexican immigrants.The agriculture and the food service industries across the country are especially reliant on Mexican workers. A recent report out of Washington said that apple growers don’t have the workers to harvest the fruit.“If you took away Hispanic labor from agriculture and from dairying in Wisconsin, we’d be in crisis,” said Wisconsin Secretary of Agriculture Rod Nilestuen. “There’s no two ways about that.”“Las Vegas would stop. We would stop in our tracks.” said Donald Taylor, Las Vegas Culinary Workers Union. “They do everything from cleaning a room, serving a cocktail, to cooking a meal to serving a meal to cleaning the casino floor.”

In talking with my dad about it, he believes what has happened is municipalities and the government as a whole are tired of footing the bill on freebies for illegals. At least that’s what some arguments are.

It appears to me though what has happened (and can be seen in tv, newspaper and other internet discussion boards and blogs) is the ugly underbelly of America’s racist mentality has been exposed yet again.

One response to “No-match letters… two days to go

  1. Muddying the waters further with all this is the problem that Homeland Security and Naturalization & Immigration have shown themselves to be spectacularly….bureaucratic. The worst of all worlds here is rigidly enforcing the immigration laws, but putting the resources in place to make sure the process works. Otherwise we’ll have thousands of legal immigrants—and even native-born-citizens—caught up in a paperwork nightmare.
    I’ve watched married women try to get their name-changes through the paperwork in a federal agency. It doesn’t go quickly. I saw the pandemonium that last year’s passport law caused.
    Those ‘no match’ letters doubtlessly contain thousands of mistakes. If there aren’t good resources in place for resolving those mistakes, there are going to be a lot of people wrongly kept from working legally.

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