The Deist for President!

So I just went to a high school reunion with a good friend of mine who I’ve known since before she graduated in 1986. Her fiancé had the flu and couldn’t make it so I was the stand in.

On the way, we stopped at her grandmother’s house to visit. My friend got a call from work and she was forced away from the visit for about 30 minutes. When she finally came back her grandmother (a rather crotchety and ornery 80-year old woman… who i now absolutely adore) said, “you should marry this one instead! I like him. Democrat just like me!”

And there you have it. My first endorsement and from the powerful AARP caucus.

[Diest takes pencil and paper out and with tongue sticking out to one side starts scrawling drafts of publicity posters. “A-A-R-P endorses The Deist!”]


2 responses to “The Deist for President!

  1. You can also pencil in your endorsement from the Literate Single Mom Coalition.

  2. What she said. *nods*

    Zzzim, zzzip… Zamora!

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