suhn-in smells good!

[splashcast RLKI6992JS]


I don’t think Dave was talkin about the aroma of cornbread smellin’ good when he and the band played at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion last month.

Ok, so this is the latest Dave Matthews Band song I’ve got stuck in my head.

Can’t help it… makes me want to move my bootie.

Dance with me y’all. B-mom? Amuirin? Grace?

Moxie and Curtis… grab the spouses and hit the dance floor with me!

SOMEBODY!!!…….. dance with me!

p.s. – yes, this is a shameless plug for all my peeps on the blogroll.
(By the way PLEEEEEZE hover over the word peeps. 🙂

[Deist asks the DJ to turn it up just a little more, then raises his hands and dances back to the dance floor]

One response to “suhn-in smells good!

  1. lol

    You are too charming to resist. I love the artist rendition.

    You got splashcast goin’! I’ll have this dance…

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