missed comeback

My blogging buddy Bibliomom called me to the mat on the meaning behind a certain picture I posted a few weeks ago with one of my posts. I quickly pulled it down for fear of it being misinterpreted by others as well.

I’m afraid I am terminally afflicted with a case of trepverter, or L’esprit de l’escalier, clogging up my head.

But I over came that affliction today, at least for now, coincidentally when B-mom has posted some interesting info about playground conflict resolution. Soooo… about my picture and her reaction I have come up with (alert: foul language and finger gestures ahead). this revision of my picture.

Just wanted to let her know, no harm-no foul. My way of trying to kiss and make out…. um,… UP. I mean UP!

One response to “missed comeback

  1. For crying out loud I’m trying to get some work done here and all of you bloggers are going apeshit on me. Hilarious! Very reminiscent of those Demotivational picture.

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