count your blessings

I’ve had a pretty crappy day. Started off with being woken up at 3:30 in the morning by a pair of cats who decided right underneath my window would be a great place to do a little sparring. (at the risk of offending the Can Haz Cheeseburger geeks) I hate cats. I rarely if ever use that word but i HAAAAYYT cats!

A little hypocritical since i have a cat that resides in my house, which by the way, decided it needed to barf something up (yet again) in the living room.

Because of the early morning wake up call by aforementioned fighting (or mating… who knows) cats, I ran late for work.

Where… we had run out of coffee. Nicccce.!

Had to go downtown to file stuff for some clients. Forgot my ID in the car, had to go back two blocks to get it so I could enter the city annex. Almost got hit by a bus. Went to the city licensing office and their system was down and as such couldn’t get the stuff I needed for the clients. Went to the county clerk and the boss forgot to include a check for one of the packages we need to file. I forgot to double check to make sure he had given it to me.

Went to grab lunch at a little street stand and spilled chili on my shirt. Dammit!

After the black lady standing next to me said, “ooooh! Dat man gotta BOOOOT on his car!”
I thought, “Hey at least I’m not this guy. I really should count my blessings.”

3 responses to “count your blessings

  1. Schadenfruede at it’s finest. I had a crappy day too. I had a big event that I ordered pizzas for over a week ago they were paid for and everything. I got there at 5 and the lady nonchalantly says, “Oh I forgot to do them”. I laughed because I thought she was giving me a hard time and said, “That’s not funny I need my pizza’s”. She wasn’t kidding. My pizzas ended up being delivered 45 minutes late. It could have been worse though and everyone was understanding and we had a nice family literacy night but still. Given that I woke up really sick and would have stayed home given the chance but I had to do this since I organized it the pizza thing just sort of did a number on me. I’m home now and my girls are in bed and it’s all but forgotten except to laugh. Yes, let’s count our blessings.

  2. I know!… I mean i kinda feel bad for this guy with the Mercedes but every time i look at this picture I hear that woman next to me and I start laughing. And I’m not talking about a little chuckle… one of my co-workers asked if I was ok because I was crying I was laughing so hard. I don’t know why this one just gets in my belly and doesn’t let go.

  3. My day was fine, but was my evening that was crappy. Came home and got bitten by my pet rabbit. OK, fine, par for the course. Then I go to pet my 28 lb Maine Coon cat and apparently I touched something owie and he went completely apeshit and turned around a clamped his teeth in my finger HARD and wouldn’t let go. I ended up spending the night in the emergency room getting pumped full of antibiotics. Yeah, I’m starting to understand why people may not like cats.

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