an animal meme

Ok, so my blogging buddy Amuirin sent me this meme almost four weeks ago and I am such a total noob that I didn’t even see it until just now. What a dork. So this is my first time to get memed in the four months or so I’ve been blogging.
And as i’ve gone through this list, I’ve decided that I’m about as dull as unbuttered toast. For those of you who like unbuttered toast… put some butter on it and you’ll see there’s a whole other world out there.

An interesting animal I had:
The most interesting animal I’ve ever had has been a cat. Ridiculous right… i told you I was dull. But the reason I say a cat is because I’ve always had dogs. I’ve never had a cat until just recently… like seven months ago. They’re weird to me. I don’t understand why they do the things they do like “make biscuits”. Why do they insist on drinking from the sink with running water instead of the bowl I just put out. Why do they not like to be held but insist on weaving in between your legs. Cats are a mystery. (below picture taken by yours truly of said current resident)

An interesting animal I ate:
Again, not very unique but interesting nonetheless for someone who has a palate as refined as someone who puts ketchup on steak. Not saying I put ketchup on steak… it’s just my palate is as refined as… ok, whatever you get the point.

ok, so interesting animal I ate… a turduckin. ok, it’s not really an animal as much as it is a hybrid of animal. You get a turkey… stuff it with a duck that you stuff with a game hen. They’re boneless so it’s like a loaf. When reading that last sentence I imagine the “ewww factor” goes kinda high when thinking about it or seeing the picture below but it was actually quite tasty.

An interesting thing I did with or to an animal:
Ok, this is actually kinda odd. When I was a kid we would go down to the Rio Grande Valley to go see my cousins. During the summer the cicadas (in spanish we call them “chicharas” i think that’s how you spell it. ) I always thought my cousins called them that because of the weird sound they made. Anyway, so what we did with them is we would get one, tie a piece of thread around it’s head and let it fly away as we held on to the string. It would fly around in circles above our head. Stupid I know but kinda cool when your 10.

An interesting animal in its natural habitat:
There’s this cool little folk fest I like going to out in the Hill Country of Texas called the Kerrville Folk Festival. There’s a weird creature that migrates and infests the hills of that region of the state during June. They’re called Kerrverts… otherwise known as hippies. Nasty, smelly things that have a fondness for new age spirituality, beer and pachouli oil. They can be seen singing, dancing and making music with crude implements. They remind me much of UU’s only with rhythm. 🙂 Again, picture taken by moi.

An interesting animal at the Museum:
I’d be stretching if I said anything here Amuirin. I’ve got nothin’. No wait… I saw a stink bug at the museum once after leaving from the frog exhibit that came through town. The exhibit had all these weird poisonous frogs and ones that glow in the dark and stuff. Does a stinkbug count?

ok, so I guess I’m supposed to tag some other folks. How ’bout Moxie, Curtis and someone I’ve just recently started reading a little lately, Will.

3 responses to “an animal meme

  1. You didn’t see it???

    I shoulda pointed it out, but I assumed you saw and didn’t want you to think I was demanding a meme if you thought the idea was lame.

    Your interesting animal at the museum made me laugh. ‘The exhibit had all these weird poisonous frogs and ones that glow in the dark and stuff. Does a stinkbug count?’


    yeah, the *stinkbug* is what sounds interesting there.

  2. hee hee hee. i thought it was kinda funny, too. glad someone got the joke. [deist walks away with hand over his mouth still giggling]

  3. Your TurDuckEn picture looks yummy. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had breakfast yet.

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