Happy Thanksgiving y’all

Thanks to everyone who has come by my litle spot here in Blogland.

Y’all are awesome. In the short five months I’ve been doing this I’ve learned quite a bit about myself, this subculture, what makes a community, of revealing yourself, of not. I’ve learned more about writing, html code and style sheets, humor, about sadness, about anger and boredom.

But mostly I’ve learned I’m not alone in some of things I think about and believe in.

5 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving y’all

  1. What a nice message!

    Happy to read you, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  3. Hey I tagged you.

    You’re it.

  4. This Blogsville is an interesting place, isn’t it? We cringe a little as we open up a vein for all the world to see, but then it all becomes worth it when at least one person gets it.

    Happy happy to you too.

  5. (LB) Yes, definitely… it IS an interesting place and it’s a little nerve racking and kinda makes me pucker my cheeks a little when I disclose more and more details about “me”.

    But I’ve “met” some really cool, interesting, thought provoking non-judgmental people in the Blogosphere who at times “get me”. That has made the cheek puckering quite worth it.

    Mucho hugs from Texas to you.

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