a 7’s meme

My friend B-mom hit me with a 7’s meme. Only my second time to get tagged. Here goes… seven little known facts about moi.

1) I won a dance contest when I was a kid. ok, so it was at a birthday party and there were only about 15 kids there but it was an amazing victory. The kids having the party were twins. One had some sort of pigment deficiency and so appeared very albino-ish. The other was afflicted with being gay. ok, maybe afflicted isn’t the most PC word for a UU to use but this fact is important to the amazingness of the victory. We were only 10 but you could tell he was gay and so with that in mind, he was considered a shoe in by all to win the dance contest. We all knew he was really good at dancing (he showed off his dancing prowess in the hallways at school all the time) plus he thought of the idea to have a dance contest for his birthday party. His parents even bought trophies. It was a peer voted contest and I got the most claps. YEA!!!… me!

2. In third grade I was awarded a certificate for the best word of the week: quinquagenarian. Another amazing victory. OK, maybe not that amazing. I just went to Q in the dictionary and looked up the longest word I could find.  But i got a certificate and everything.

3. When I was 12 years old I played second base for my little league baseball team and that year we won the city championship. We weren’t actually affiliated with THE Little League so we didn’t get to go any further than our championship but it was AWESOME nonetheless. Our coach bought non-alcoholic apple champagne and we sprayed it all over ourselves and the dugout. I recently found this in an old box. I was on the All Star Team that same year.

4. File this under weird and quirky. I can’t stand to have hair on my chest or under my arms. When I was in college i started lifting weights and started following the sport of body building. I bought supplements, magazines and just kind of got immersed in that subculture for a few years. Like all the bodybuilders in the magazines I decided to shave my body. I quickly stopped shaving my legs cuz it itched like hell when it grew back. (i don’t know how you girls do it!) I got used to the look and have kept with it since. This is me about eight years ago in a picture taken by my ex-wife with polaroid film and the emulsion peeled off.

I really like the artsy look of the image unfortunately, I don’t look like this anymore. 😐

5. I’ve only been to Disney World once. The cool thing is I went with my dad. (see pic below) The weird thing is I was 40 years old. The sucky thing is the big Epcot Ball was closed. The REALLY sucky thing is I was really sick.

6. About nine years ago I spent two and a half hours talking with a homeless guy in downtown Houston. I saw him pushing two shopping carts that he had tied together and it had what looked the bow of a ship on the front, so I stopped and decided to find out what his story was. We talked about… well, everything. He was quite informed. He read the paper front to back every day. I guess he had time on his hands. He claimed his lifestyle was chosen because he said he didn’t want to pay taxes to a government that had abandoned him after Vietnam. He seemed very lucid but at the same time he seemed like he didn’t quite have it all together either. I unfortunately don’t remember his name… i don’t even know if he’s alive. I took several pictures of him that day but I’m completely disorganized about my negatives and couldn’t find them. I thought the below picture was appropriate though. I took it underneath a bridge at Buffalo Bayou that had some shoes and a blanket.

7. I don’t believe in the devil or demons but scary movies about evil spirits like The Omen, Amityville Horror, The Exorcist and The Seventh Seal freak me out.

ok, so I guess I should tag some people. I don’t have many people on my blogroll who haven’t been tagged a bunch already so by default, I’m tagging Shelby, NiceMelons and Matt.

5 responses to “a 7’s meme

  1. Thanks for the tag — that’s a great photo of the underside of the bridge at Buffalo Bayou.

  2. Oh thanks for playing along!
    1-3.) I’ve never won anything.
    4. I have a definite dislike of my own body hair too and like you I have pictures of me and I don’t look like that anymore.
    5-6.) I’ve never been to Disney work or Houston.
    7. There is nothing scarier in my book than demon children. Having a couple of my own (children that is minus the demon) it makes scary kids all the more scarier.

  3. That body picture looked like the torso of jesus superimposed over the silhouette of Hello Kitty.

    Which means I thought it was cool. But upon reading that sentence, it also sounds like I’ve been experimenting in the medicine cabinet.

    What does ‘quinquagenarian’ mean by the way? and please don’t say, ‘Go look it up.’

  4. Amuirin… only you would see Jesus and Hello Kitty in the same image. But now that you mention it, i kinda see it, too. So quinquagenarian means someone who is in their 50’s. I never forgot that word. crazy what we remember from school, huh.

  5. jules- that’s perfect! Now I can sling that word at my parents.

    you see it too? Whew. At least I’m not going totally crazy.

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