a first kiss

So one of my newly added blogroll peeps answered one of his 7 meme’s questions by talking about his first kiss and it reminded me of mine.

My first kiss was when I was in third grade. Lisa Bull. We were in line waiting outside to go into the cafeteria and a couple of her friends dared her to kiss me. She was taller and stronger than me. Of course that’s not saying much as I’m not very tall to begin with and was always the shortest kid through school.

So she pushed me up against the wall, kinda man handled me and then smashed her face against mine.

I remember thinking, “I just had my first kiss!
hmmm… i wish my first kiss had been with someone prettier.”

Instead of, “oh my god, i’ve just been man handled by a girl, forced to do something against my will and publicly humiliated.”

Funny the things that go through the mind of a third grader.


2 responses to “a first kiss

  1. lol, oh my. I wonder what became of her?

    At least it was memorable, eh?

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