you can help change a life

I imagine a lot of us examine and reflect on what has happened… what we’ve done… what we’re thankful for in our lives. I know I do, sometimes deliberately because asked to at Thanksgiving dinner or during a church service at this time of the year.

Usually it’s inadvertent… something triggers this self evaluation. For me it was watching a video on Good Morning America as shoppers stampeded a Best Buy on Black Friday. There was a guy who braced himself against a corner of the doorway, acting as a human shield to his son who had fallen, as deal hunters slammed against his back. Could have wound up like that Who concert in Cincinnati. And for what?… to save a few bucks on a Wii?

The frenzy of commercialism that is now embedded in our culture and this time of year makes it hard to resist wanting or buying the latest gadget or trinket. But when buying gifts for friends and loved ones, maybe we can balance that with other gifts as well.

From Sarah McLachlin’s 2003 album Afterglow, below is the video for “world on fire”

Go here to find out how you can help change a fellow human being’s life for the better.


2 responses to “you can help change a life

  1. I love that song, I remember when the video first came out. Never saw the site that went with it, though.

    The sentiment you expressed above, so true. The extreme consumerism kinda takes the heart right out of the holidays for me these days.

  2. Thank you for sharing that video. Truly, truly inspiring.

    I watch the requisite “Black Friday” news coverage and admittedly feel a bit smug that I don’t buy into all that madness. Yet, am I helping as much as I could be? Where is my money going? It’s good to be reminded that even giving a little can do so much for people in need. This video was a lovely reminder. Think I shall go follow that link.

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