The iInspiration Mutant Meme

i am the worst meme replier, answerer responder-er.
I think it’s because I think way too much about it but this might be one I can actually do without hurting my brain too much. Amuirin morphed this one from a post by Bibliomom. Here goes the iTunes-kyped meme.

How many total songs in your iTunes?

Sort by song title – first and last…
A.D.D.I.D.A.S. (Korn) to Young (Nickel Creek)

Sort by time – shortest and longest…
Pantala Naga Pampa :40 by Dave Matthews Band to 10,000 Days (wings part2) by Tool

Sort by Album – first and last…
At the Point (live) by Matt Nathanson to 10,000 by Tool

Sort by Artist – first and last…
Alice in Chains through The Wailin Jennys

Top 8 played songs…
this was a surprise, the top 8 were all from the Duhks’ debut album.
But the most played from that album was:

1. The Wagoner’s Lad (The Duhks )

then the list followed with;
2. New Day (Anna Hutto)
3. Hide Me Away (Anna Hutto)
4. London Pram (Jennifer Sherrill)
5. I Feel (The Sundays)
6. The Stone (DMB)
7. Goodbye (The Sundays)
8. Love Is a Burden (The Hudsons)

Which one of these songs would you listen to when writing a poem?
London Pram (Jennifer Sherrill)

Which one of these songs would you get hot and heavy to?
The Stone (DMB)

Find the following words. How many songs show up?
Sex: 0, Death: 2 (dead – 2), Love: 14, Home: 2, Boy: 2, Girl: 2

First 8 songs that come up on Party Shuffle…
1. Love Never Fails (Andi and I)
2. Love (The Sundays)
3. Good God (Korn)
4. Chi (Korn)
5. Hide Me Away (Anna Hutto)
6. I Saw (Matt Nathanson)
7. Curve of the Earth (Matt Nathanson)
8. My Dad’s set at the Open Mic (i recorded this when we played together on Father’s Day about three years ago)

Which of these songs would you write a love letter to?
My dad’s set (in it he sang a song he used to sing to serenade my mom)

Which of these would you dance to?
Love (The Sundays)

I don’t really watch or listen to anything
while I’m tapping out a post. I’d never post anything!
So… the video I would dance to is below. Love by The Sundays.

Oh, how I love Harriet Wheeler!

Amuirin!… to the dance floor please!
B-mom? Matt? Put your french horn down MelonGirl. Anyone else? The dance floor is open!

9 responses to “The iInspiration Mutant Meme

  1. Wow, other than the Matt Nathanson stuff, I hadn’t heard of any of these. I was really surprised by my most played too, they definitely weren’t the same as my current favorites.

    *puts dancing shoes on*

  2. Anna Hutto is a singer/songwriter I found on a site called FolkAlley. That’s also where I found Jennifer Sherrill, who I’ve become online friends with. Her songwriting prowess is absolutely amazing.

    Let’s see, who else might you not have heard of… The Sundays never really gained huge popularity in the states although some. They were pretty strong in the lat 80s and early 90s and then Harriet and her husband/guitarist just stopped. They wanted a “normal” life and to have kids and be a family. They (the band as a whole) never really pursued fame. They’re probably the better for it.

    Let’s see… oh, The Hudsons are a great band out of Austin that has had mostly regional success.

    And the duet Andi and i are out of Chicago. I heard them here at a little pub I go to. Wonderful harmonies.

    Weird to have those folkies set against Korn and Tool, huh. 🙂

  3. yeah, you’ve got some highly eclectic tastes!

    I’m gonna check out Anna Hutto, see if I can find some of her stuff.

  4. Hey, I wanted to thank you for sharing that tune on splashcast. I’ve listened to it a couple times. I found it very comforting on a dark night.

  5. I love seeing what other people are listening to and I really like how Amuirin kicked this up a notch.

  6. OK, I’ll bite. I’ll post my meme results on the blog a little later today. Bear with me – my right hand is still misbehaving (sliced tips of ring and middle finger and just got stitches removed) so typing is a bit slow.

  7. Hey Melongirl…. glad you’re playing along with this one. I’m curious to see what kind of stuff a girl plays in the symphony has on her iTunes. Sorry to hear about you fingers. How the heck did you do that?! At least it isn’t the hand the wiggles the valves on your french horn.

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  9. Whoa, I’m famous. How’d ya do that? I’m still a total Blog newbie and I have lots of questions about this stuff.

    I cut my fingers picking up a broken pyrex dish. Whoops! I still don’t have as much feeling in those fingers as I’d like to, but it’s improving… just gotta keep my fingers out of those strange places, muwhahaha!

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