wax and wane… wax and wane

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. Don’t really know why. Being sick for almost two months? The job? The house being a wreck inside and out; top to bottom? The restlessness feels strong again.

I’ll get out of it. But for now… I’ll just hold on as it moves past.

6 responses to “wax and wane… wax and wane

  1. That’s such a great song!

    I too have been in a funk. Tis the season for funkiness I guess. I think that I’ve trudged through mine long enough.

    Hang on!

  2. Wow! I just had that song on my iPod when I read your post! In fact I thought it was so appropriate that I was going to share it with you! As they say, great minds …

    I’m sure being sick doesn’t help matters. And ’tis the season to feel funky (tra la la la la la la la la). And re: the messy house? I break down every couple of months or so and have someone else clean it. Pride be damned. It feels so good afterwards.

    Hang in there. This too will pass. And remember, everybody hurts, so there are lots of people we can help out there – and we’ll end up feeling better for it.

  3. Oh, and here’s an interesting companion piece to the video above: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gawcyODiKls

  4. Sometimes that’s the best way… to just hold on.

    I hate the short days. My kingdom for some sunlight. *hug*

  5. hey LB…
    so speaking of great minds and all… here’s a picture of a ring I wear that acts as a reminder of impermanence.

    The words are written in Hebrew. They read “gam zeh yavor ” which means… this too shall pass.
    Cool, huh. thanks for the other video.

    hugs from Texas.

    oh Amuirin… you give such good hugs. Soon the days will begin getting longer again.

    And B-mom… when that happens then the season of funkage will be over.

  6. Julies –

    Let’s throw in one more “great minds .. .” for good measure. I used to wear a bracelet that was engraved “This too shall pass.” that I too wore as a reminder of impermanence.

    hugs from California,


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