yea, I’m not an addict

When I was in college I used to drink a lot. At one point in my second year it was almost every day for a full semester… maybe more. crazy.

Sometime in the fall of my third year though I took a look at myself and thought, “damn Jules, you need to pull it back a little.” I was really worried that I was becoming an alcoholic. I was worried I might not be able to function without having a drink. So I decided I’d go a month without drinking. I figured this would be a decent test to see. I thought it was gonna be really tough since I lived in a frat house and worked in a bar.

Surprisingly (and thankfully) I was able to do it without craving or feeling like I “needed” a beer. And afterwards my drinking evolved into that of a responsible adult.

Same thing with WordPress and the blog. For a while there I was letting it consume me.

It wasn’t intentional that I recently stepped away for more than a week though. It just kinda happened… byproduct of being sick and being in my funk I guess. I don’t really post that much to begin with but I recognized I was spending a little more time thinking about this blog and posting than I thought was healthy for me.

It’s alllll about balance folks…. baaaaa-luhnce.
y’all have anything you need to rope in a little?

[Deist walks along a line of tile grout to the kitchen, arms stretched out as if walking on a balance beam]

2 responses to “yea, I’m not an addict

  1. Maybe complaining… I could go on a complaining hiatus.

  2. likely so.

    Blogging though… maybe it’s cus I earn a living writing, I tend to think of a finished blog post as an accomplishment, a block of writing as a step toward the realization of a larger goal.

    Everyone has a different tipping point, I guess. Hope you feel better.

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