The day after the party (part 2 of 3)

If you can’t tell what my avatar picture is, it’s the headstock of my guitar along with a Buddha statue in the background.

My viewpoint of God is rather blaring as its in the title of my blog but in guiding my life, the Noble Eightfold Path resonates with me.The pair, Deism and Buddhism works for me.Would I say I’m a Buddhist though? Hell I don’t even know if my view of God is really even that of a Deist. But on Buddhism, I liken it to something I heard from this old timer once when I asked him, “so you’re a golfer?”

He said, “i wouldn’t say I’m a golfer. I have a set of clubs. I have a bunch of golf balls, golf shoes, even golf pants and a hat. You can see me at a golf course pretty often. But what I do I don’t think can be called what a golfer does.” He laughed, I laughed and I understood exactly what he meant.

Same with me and Buddhism. I’m tryin like hell to put that little ball in the hole but I’m pretty sure what I do is not what a Buddhist does.

But I’m gonna try a little harder this year. I hope to resume / reclaim some semblance of my spiritual practice. When I first started blogging i tried picking up a yoga practice again but it soon fell to the wayside. My daily meditation has been non existent for at least a year and a half. And I need it back.

I’ve lately been turning into an assbag and I don’t like it. Admitting it is the first step right.

Hopefully stepping back on my path again will balance me back from assbagishness.

12 responses to “The day after the party (part 2 of 3)

  1. Ya know I wouldn’t say that I’m a writer but I write myself.

    I’ve tried to meditate numerous times but each time I try to get up close and personal with myself inside the quiet I’m not sure that I like who I’m with. Or my mind starts to wander to people and places that hurt. I think that’s the purpose of meditation, to face your fears, your foes and yourself and come out unscathed for the most part.

    What I do find is that making a statement of intent carrys a lot of weight. For instance saying, “I’m happy” or “I’m not an assbag” means that is your/my intention. You aren’t an assbag by the way. You a sweetheart and a great blogbuddy!

  2. ROFL. “Assbag.” As soon as I stop laughing and rolling around, I’ll be baaaaack.

  3. yeah. Excuse my 12 year old boy side, but that really caught my attention, ‘assbag’. Could you clarify for my benefit, just what exactly is it that an assbag does?

  4. Hi Amuirin!!! Happy New Year!
    [Deist giggles like a 12 year old boy as he tries to get out the definition) hee hee… i know, I’m a dork. But it’s a funny word. Assbag. hee hee hee. I like #4 the best.

  5. lol

    yeah, 4, and 7’s so straightforward it made me laugh:

    7. assbag

    someone who acts like a bag full of ass

    I’m agreeing with bibliomom, though, that this term just doesn’t apply to you, as far as I can see.

  6. OK, I’m done rolling.

    Yep, I’ve got the Urban Dictionary bookmarked. That site cracks me up. I serve on a committee here at work that reviews submissions from citizens in Arizona that will become very public, um, messages, as it were. It’s a good resource for me.

    Don’t be too hard on yourself, my dear. While you joke that “admitting it is the first step,” you’re really not far off the mark. I think even the realization that you have some things you want to work on says a lot about being on the right path to enlightenment. I think it’s all about your awareness of self and what I kind of call your karmic footprint. Having the realization and making the effort counts a lot. So many folks do walk through their lives with the blinders on and don’t think twice about how their behavior impacts others. I think it’s safe to say you’re not one of them.

  7. Hey thanks y’all…. i appreciate the kind words. You know, I had a fellow blogger tell me once someone used to degrade her about her blogging. Said she was just fishing for compliments and ego strokes in this makeshift cheering section sometimes called the Blogosphere.

    She said, “i think we all deserve a cheering section sometimes.”

    I agree.

    nice to have a little support. y’all are awesome! The “my dears” and the “sweethearts” are a very nice touch, too. thank you.

  8. As a Buddhist (albeit a lazy one who has also been recently prone to assbagish behavior), I would gladly welcome you to the fold. Aspiring to the eightfold path is a pretty good qualification. And if you pick up the meditation practice again, I promise I’ll show you the secret handshake.

  9. now THERE is some incentive! I’ve always wanted to know a secret handshake. : )

    seriously though, thanks for stopping by LB and offering some encouraging words… “aspiring to the eightfold path is a pretty good qualification.”

    Knowing how in depth your study and practice has been in the past makes simply aspiring to the path as being quite diminutive.

    Hope all is well. ~ jules

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