The day after the party (part 3 of 3)

If you’ve just stumbled on my spot here in Blogland, this is the third installment of some quasi new year’s hopes I have for myself. The other two posts are directly below this one.

So I recently brought music back into my life after a long 16, 17… i don’t know 18 year hiatus. I’ve been playing again (for about three years) but with a different instrument and i actually attempt to sing as well. There is probably a reason I was an instrument major and NOT voice major in school though. : )

But lately it seems that what happened 20 years ago is happening again… music is becoming a chore and that really, really sucks. It is becoming work, an obligation, a piece in other people’s puzzles.

It’s nice to be wanted but I don’t want that to happen again. That is… i don’t want music to become so much of a chore that it is no longer any fun and that I abandon it.

So here’s my third hope for me this year… I hope to to keep this aspect of my life (which I now believe to be integral to who I am) fun and fresh and enjoyable.

What makes it enjoyable is playing when I feel like playing. When the muse curls her arm around me and asks me to make music for her to dance. What makes it really fun is having my musician acquaintances and peers, play along in an unrehearsed, improv of accompaniment. It’s an unbelievable rush to have such talented people play along on my little songs. And what keeps it fresh is having the privilege of sitting in their company, hearing their songs and playing along with them.

Like the other two hopes I have for myself I’ve already started. On New Year’s Day, I went to a little coffee shop in town. Driving from the hinterlands of the burbs into the big city was a haul but Ken Gaines (someone I’ve mentioned in a previous post) was hosting a song circle there. He plans to do it every 1st Tuesday of the month. I’m lucky to have really talented musicians as friends and acquaintances and have high hopes to keep those relationships going.

Some quick info about the musicians in the circle that night and in the video below: Ken Gaines (the guy singing) earned a Male Vocalist of the Year Award in 2005 from the Texas Music Awards. Glynace Eastham (to his left) is a wonderful children’s song writer. Bruce Poppe runs a house concert series here in Houston called Bruce’s Loft. Kristen Jensen plays in (i believe it’s) two celtic bands and in a folk rock band. Great fiddle player who can pick up on any tune, even my weird Phrygian mode song in E. Maybe Ken’s song should be called “Smilin Jules” : )

Again… Happy New Year y’all.

4 responses to “The day after the party (part 3 of 3)

  1. I’ve looked through your posts, to get a sense of this place, and noted you’ve gone to a few Astros games.

    As a Twins fan living in SF, I note that our new SS and 3B are both former Astros. Lamb in particular looks like he has a lively bat. There was no room for him in Houston?

  2. Hi Ombudsben… I’ve seen your comments on a couple of mutual blogbuddies’ places. Thanks for stopping by.

    You know…. I don’t really follow my team that well but I remember Mike Lamb and Adam Everett both being pretty strong contributors.

    The Astros organization has a history of letting some fine players leave the team who did well after the trade. A few I remember are Billy Wagner, Steve Finley and Ken Caminiti.

    Sometimes being an Astros fan is a lot like being a Cubbies fan. They always let me down. Hey but April is right around the corner right… new season, new hope alive.

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