philosophy from the stoners next door

A couple of houses down I have a neighbor who is for lack of a better label a stoner. The guy next to him is a stoner. And they have a buddy who is over every day.

Every single day.

And every single day they sit in the driveway or (when it’s too cold) in the garage with door open and drink beer and smoke dope.

They wax existential about how China sucks, “don’t get me started on Korea”, what the album 2112 by Rush was about, how property taxes are too damn high, who’s hotter… Marianne or Ginger and burn the night away doing all this while throwin down dominoes. “Fitty Figh! baby!”

In the spring it’s high hopes for the Astros… at the all star break it’s how they suck! In the fall, screams come out of the garage for the Texans on Sunday afternoons. And after the game, bloodshot eyed stoners toss the ball around in the street showing each other how our team should have played.

Except for purchasing, being in possession of and consuming an illegal substance, these are pretty ok guys. They’re about my age… late 30s… early 40s. They provide for their families. Adam, the guy two houses down from me, has two step daughters who I can tell he really cares for. Chris the guy next to him (when he’s not getting stoned or drunk) works on his cars, tends his yard and keeps his house up. They don’t obsess over work but they do get done what needs to get done… then they relax.

They live for today. I don’t know if they know they’re even doing it but they live in the now.

One night a few months ago, i thought, you know they must think I’m a really conceited jerk, so I took over a six pack and asked to join them. They were really cool about it and welcomed me in the garage like an old friend. Of course, I did have beer. So for about six hours we sat drinking beer, listening to Rush (they have fascination with Rush), playing dominoes and just shootin the breeze.

A bunch of stoned, drunk, blue-collar, regular workin’ Joes have down what the sages have been teaching for centuries.

They live right now.

Go on fellas… the five o’clock whistle has blown. Bring it on home. Happy Friday everyone!

7 responses to “philosophy from the stoners next door

  1. So?

    Which one is hotter, Ginger or Marianne?

  2. I laughed out loud with the fascination with Rush.

  3. glad to see you back Amuirin… i’ve always been kind of a Marianne guy myself. Does that say something about me. I bet there’s some sort of future-telling test on the net.

    B-mom… it is hysterical to watch in person. The intensity that these guys go at it with what they believe some of their songs are about is… well, like watching people who get all amped up about American Idol or Dancing with the Stars.

  4. So … are the Astros going to be any good this year?

    I hear their fancy new shortstop uses drugs.

  5. spring training is comin’ around the corner… we’ll have to see. But it’s not the fancy new shortstop who uses drugs. It’s our old pitcher. i think his nickname was rocket or suhnin like that. : )

  6. I don’t know … sounds like that Congressional committee is awfully interested in talking to your fancy new shortstop, too.

    I’m hoping your old shortstop and thirdsacker have break-out seasons up there in Minnesota.

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