what do you want

About a year ago my younger sister gave me a gift card for iTunes. I had never really used iTunes before so after getting this I promptly set up an account. Well in looking around at what was going to be my first purchase, iTunes was highlighting movie shorts that were nominated for awards.

I was hooked… and totally blame my sister for my addiction to movie shorts. By the way, this one is really cool. (broadband a must)


So Amuirin has an amazing and wonderful post over at her place that is a compilation of short snippets that read very much the way movie shorts play out. Quickly, your pulled into the story line, there is very little, if no time, to develop the characters and in the end something very unexpected happens or your left thinking “but what happens next!” Nice job Amuirin… love ’em. (by the way, check out the youtube links that accompany them… the one for phone conversations 2 is an amazing choice for that particular vignette. from whose perspective does this song come from.).


a Jules snippet

So when I was working downtown, I had a friend that I would go to lunch with just about every day. She was rather Christian. In her eyes, I am not rather Christian but we got along very well. I would say at the time she was my best friend. She’s no longer in my life. *sigh*

Our conversations were often times very deep and introspective, pulling from sources of inspiration on the meaning of life. Here is one:

[phone rings]

“hey Joy… coffee?”


[a few minutes go by until they meet to go to the coffeeshop two buildings over in the complex]

[The two meet and begin walking through the maze of skywalks with the morning sun shining through the tall windows]

Joy says with some sadness in her voice, “awww… look, a dead bird there on the patio.”



“hm what?”

“I just found a test on the net that tells what your spiritual gifts are. My strongest one is mercy. I bet yours is prophecy. You know like teaching or conveying truth.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Well the way you looked at and reacted to the same scene I just saw in that dead bird that hit the window. I reacted with a statement of mercy and you with a statement of fact. i often wonder how that plays out in our lives… you know our spiritual gifts how they affect what we do and how we see things that are happening. i wonder.”

[a pause sets in the conversation as Jules examines what Joy just said]

“what do you want…”

Jules quickly answers by expounding on how he simply wants happiness, peace of mind, contentment.

“I guess viewing through a Deist’s lens of complete objectivity… reason, you know, like you said, prophecy, I guess makes things seem….”


“you know like… trying to assess…”


“i guess taking into account the facts….”



“i meant for lunch. What do you want…. for lunch.”


One response to “what do you want

  1. Jules, you’re too, too kind, and that was funny. You have a great memory for dialogue details.

    Sorry to hear that you’re not in contact with this friend anymore. I hope you do other dialogue exercises, those are fun to read.

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