The long night is soon over

I’m not one who really finds neo-Paganism or earth centered traditions appealing. Those spiritual paths don’t really resonate much with me.

But a few years ago, i bought a James Avery Season’s ring for Little Fawn.
In the little box it came in I slipped a note that said:

Wear this ring and remember our ancestors
They followed the sun and the moon.

Wear this ring and remember
Things can seem really dark and really bright
but they always come back into balance.

But mostly…
wear this ring and remember

Today I saw a little yellow bud of a flower peeking out from one of my bushes in the front yard and if it doesn’t get too cold down here it might actually pop out as a bloom in the next few days.

Although it may not seem like it now, as a blast of cold Siberian air blankets the north and falls down into the south, the sun is trying to show it’s face a little as well. In a week and a half, we will be at the mid-point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

Sometimes things can seem grim… quite cold… bleak… but I have faith the long night will soon be over.

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6 responses to “The long night is soon over

  1. You’re a pretty awesome dad.

  2. What a great ring and I echo Amurin’s comment about what a great Dad you are.

  3. Oh and I gave you some Stumble love too. I just can’t say no when you pout like that.

  4. i am pouty… but it’s because you won’t be going to Cloverfield. Actually, i kinda figured when I read about how the little one is so ill.
    I’m on the fence about it myself. I’ve got Little Fawn this weekend and not sure if I should take her.

  5. Is little fawn younger than 16? If so, I’d say no. I just saw it. There’s some pretty grisly things, blood. You should see it, it’s pretty wow, but I don’t think it’s even kinda a kids movie.

  6. yeah…. she’s 13. Thanks for the heads up Amuirin. I really appreciate it. I guess I’ll go after I take her back home.

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