itch… itch… itch… scraaaatch

i went rifling through a filing cabinet I never get into the other day and I came across a lot my old negatives. Wow!… i hadn’t thought of these things in so long.

In a past life… oh, about ten years ago, I was quite serious about creating photographic art. I participated in Fotofest in a group exhibit a few times, did a few solo exhibits, a three-artist exhibit. I even won best in show one year of images collected throughout the year from a photo society i belonged to… approximately 150 images.

I don’t miss photography the way I’ve mentioned missing music when I didn’t use it as a medium for my creativity. But I have been getting an itch over the past few months to drag my cameras out again.

But now that I’ve found a bunch of my negs, i thought I would share some of my old images until I start doing some new ones.

This one is pretty cool… not perfect but still rather interesting. I took it with my 4×5 monorail. For the photophyles out there I can’t remember film type or developer. I think it was TMX 100 with AGFA Rodinal and fixed with Ilford fixer.

discarded snake skin  © 1999

The image is of a snake skin that was almost completely intact. Someone had cut a bunch of tree limbs and left them at the edge of my subdivision near the woods. I guess the snake found these dry, brittle twigs to be a perfect spot to scratch the itch that signals it’s time to let loose of it’s skin as it grows.

Hmm… rather appropriate I guess for a first image to share. Perhaps this is the jump start I need to start scratching my itch.

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4 responses to “itch… itch… itch… scraaaatch

  1. You are just a modern day renaissance man aren’t you? It’s a very interesting picture. If you hadn’t told me what it was I wouldn’t have known.

  2. Yes, I wouldn’t have guessed either but it is a fantastic photograph.

  3. It’s beautiful, Jules. I’m curious to see more photos on future posts.

  4. *grin* a renaissance man?… me? thanks, B-mom. : )

    Thanks Jo for stopping by. I’m glad Amuirin pointed me your way. I’m amazed by depth of writing I’ve seen from some of the bloggers I’ve met and you’re definitely part of that list. great stuff you have over there at Floresence.

    Hi Shelby! I’ve got others i plan to share but not many on 4×5 film, besides those are hard to get on the blog. I had to use a set of tweezers to hold it, take a digital picture of it, (shooting up to the sky), import to Photoshop, invert to a positive… whew! anyway, i’ve got others and will post some every so often.

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