my god is better than most

i went to the website that fellow UU blogger Happy Cindy talked about in her recent post and took a couple of the quizes.

From the Battleground God quiz, I was decorated with the third highest award.


My god has one of the better chances of actually existing. (The flowing white robe could use some color but it’ll do.)

Tah dahhhh!!! There ya go folks. No more need to keep looking.

Just follow my perception of god and you, too can get a .9 rating out of a possible 0-1 score.

[Deist does his happy dance.]

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3 responses to “my god is better than most

  1. lol

    who dreams up these quizzes?

  2. I’m surprised your god isn’t wearing Texas cattlehorns, like some grandiose teutonic opera star, about to launch into the longhorn Lohengrin.

    – the Vikings fan 😉

  3. ok, OmBen, lookout just in case a bolt of lighting flies out of the sky while i post this.

    hee hee hee… i was kinda surprised he didn’t look like this.

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