new digs at my place

My friend Lazy Buddhist (see list of blog peeps to the right) changed up her site a little and I’d been meaning to do mine at the new year as well but couldn’t come up with an idea for a new header image. I thought the shedding skin pic might be pretty cool for now.

I wish WordPress had more themes to choose from because now she’s gonna call me a copy cat and a pooh pooh head but I am really diggin this new theme. There are actually thousands of WordPress themes a blogger can use to trick out their place but you have to know some CSS, PHP and have your own domain name and that seems like a lot more trouble than it’s worth to me.

eh… who knows maybe later.

So for now LB and i are like Joey Tribbiani and that guy he met in the casino… you know, his identical hand twin.

Jealous much! (you know you wish you had a blog twin)


4 responses to “new digs at my place

  1. I wish I had a hand twin.

    Looks really sharp. You did good.

  2. Copy cat! Pooh-pooh head!

    Nah, what is the cliche about imitation? I like the look, especially the trippy dippy shedding skin picture.

    Now, if I find you start dressing like me, I’m going to be very, very worried. 🙂

    Your twin,


  3. Oh I love to change my digs. I like your new look a lot. Great choice.

  4. Yep, it’s looking pretty fine over here.

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