UU Blog Awards: can I throw my name in the hat

I’ve only been blogging for about seven months, so this is my first time to hear of the UU Blog Awards.

Fellow UU blogger, Earthbound Spirit said last year a lot of the bloggers helped out by entering a post of favorites from their own place.

Soooo… humbly i submit a few personal faves from mine:

how my momma showed me God – here

gifts from the Divine – here

my best friend – here

fast food blessing – here

a real man?… me? – here

… a sorrow divided – here

politics and faith – here

where do we turn for guidance – here

why you gotta be hatin’! – here

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3 responses to “UU Blog Awards: can I throw my name in the hat

  1. Have you nominated these yet, or can we nominate you for one of those?

  2. hey Amuirin…

    yep, to my understanding anyone can nominate those UU bloggers on the list. If you have a favorite post of mine that I didn’t list by all means add it to the Nom page i linked above.

    Thanks for asking… I’m getting all verklemped now. You know, it’s an honor to just be nom…

    ok, to hell with that. I wanna win! 🙂

  3. lol, and I want you to to. And not just cus you’re the only UU blogger I know (though… that is probly a factor. heh.)

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