Photos – from the neighborhood bar

In a previous post, I talked about finding a bunch of my old negatives and said I’d post ’em now and again. Maybe I’ll try and make it an every Sunday thing. Or at least until I run out of negatives.

These two are from a roll that I took at a neighborhood bar. If I remember right, this roll was shot in 1997 or ’98. I had just started souping my own film and knew the purpose of this particular roll was really to practice developing film but I wanted to get interesting pics also. It was shot with T-Max 400 and I’m pretty sure developed with Kodak D-76… fixed with Kodak fixer. Shot handheld with my twin lens reflex Yashica Mat-124 G. Cool little camera.

The first one is of a woman who was kind of a regular. In fact, i was told by the barkeep that she was a bonafied barfly. Hence the name of the image…. barfly.

She seemed more like a burnout than a barfly… maybe they’re one and the same. She was really skinny, kinda not all there, hovering around patrons she thought might buy her a drink.

I felt sorry for her on some level. Not sure why but I did.

The next image is of a leather jacket. There was a small number of people there who were members of a biker gang that were there drinking beers. This picture of the negative doesn’t do the original image justice. The original pic showed really crisp, focused detail of the jacket. Still not a bad pic for hand holding the camera at a slow 1/15th of a second shutter speed.

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5 responses to “Photos – from the neighborhood bar

  1. I love how candid these feel!

  2. I like barfly a lot. That’s kind of stuff I used to shoot back in my photo days (early 90s?). Even mentioning the film type and fix brought back memories, and especially the smell of the darkroom. Good times, good times.

  3. LB! you’re a photographer, too.

    It does bring back memories, right. The smell of fix, the “black” of the room when trying to spool film or the ache in your back after you bought a film bag and spooled it up in there. The ding of the timer, red illumination, 70 degrees!, and getting “lost” in the darkroom for hours.

    Yep, pretty good times but I’m not sure I have the patience to do that anymore. I’m rather spoiled by my digital camera. That’s actually how I’m getting these pics up. I shoot the neg then invert it in Photoshop.

    I just found this morning the negs for a series I showed called “The Citizens”. I’m gonna try to post those next time. I didn’t know I had them… thought I cut the negs like I did with some of my stuff I thought was really strong work.

  4. I look forward to seeing more of your work. I love the idea of shooting the negatives with the digital camera and then inverting it in Photoshop. I’ll have to try that. Thanks!

  5. Yes, the Barfly photo is great, really atmospheric……..that’s a cool bar.

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