My Grace is Gone

I met my friend Grace just as I first started blogging last summer. I felt quite connected to her after reading her words and we agreed that a kindred nature lay between us.

Her words are inspiring, thought provoking and so, so personal.

She is evolving and has recently stated she is going on what she believes will be a rather long hiatus from blogging… perhaps permanantly. In fact she says in her last post, “The season for The Wild Pomegranate is over.”

I believe her. There is a release and resignation in the tenor of the words of her post.

I’m sure many of you more seasoned bloggers have had people on your list of blog friends who have announced they are done with blogging only to come back after a couple of weeks or months. Grace has done that, too, but I think this time she is really gone. I really think she is gone.

I will miss you Grace.

4 responses to “My Grace is Gone

  1. I’ve always kind of liked that Dave Matthews song. Surely you can still stay in touch, even if she’s not blogging?

    I lose blogging friends and make new ones. Sometimes accidentally, sometimes they leave, sometimes we get to know eachother a bit too much and don’t get along. It’s almost like dating without the food and the good night kiss decision.

  2. I have yet to make a blogging friend. The idea sounds beautiful.

    Anyway, hope this Grace comes back.

  3. Hey FallenShades… thanks for stopping by. Let me know your blog address and I’ll stop by sometime.

    Amuirin… that’s a perfect analogy. I’ve had two or three that have gone on and then off the blog peeps list. One just didn’t want to have anything to do with me (i think cuz he was a fundamentalist Christian and me… well not exactly being one) and the other just stopped writing.

  4. @jules:

    please stop by.

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