Photos 3 – from The Citizens series

Below are five of the approximately 20 images I showed in this series I called “The Citizens”

I stood in front of the old Citizens Bank Building on Main near Preston about two or three days a week for three weeks or so. It was interesting watching all the people walk absolutely oblivious to me being there. I crouched down near a street light and some newspaper stands. I think that’s what was there…. it’s been so long I can’t really remember but again I shot with my Yashica Mat twin lens. So instead of having a camera up to my face, I had it just a couple of feet above ground level and I looked down into the view finder.

I think I shot somewhere between seven and eight rolls, which is about 84 to 96 frames. When I picked the images to ultimately print and show, it was based on first consistency of the negatives to themselves. As you’ll see below, getting a consistent neg on several different days didn’t always happen.

Here are a few of “The Citizens”

All images © julian, 1999

I thought it was interesting that I wrote notes on the film itself. I’m not the most organized person so I guess I figured I wouldn’t lose the developing time for that frame.

One response to “Photos 3 – from The Citizens series

  1. The third and fifth are my favourite….love the juxtaposition of the different architectures.

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