and now… a word from our sponsor

Well against Amuirin’s admonishes about how the day of the big game is one of the biggest drinking and driving days of the year, I ventured out into the byways of my fair city to watch the Superbowl at a favorite watering hole.

I didn’t have a dog in the fight this year… (“kind of… sort of” see last vid) but there’s always the commercials.

And so… my favorites. Well, at least when I wasn’t watching the open mic-ers on stage doin their thing.

I like this one cuz it glamorizes a Mexican with a guitar. Why didn’t they call me. I was free. I can’t wink, but I’ve got an eyebrow thing I can do. Yes, you read that right. Jules can’t wink. It winds up looking more like a twitch.

All I have to say is… “EWWWW!!!”

I’m pretty sure I’ve had a dream like this. Aaaggghhhh!!!

ok, i don't care if it's pushing a five mile per gallon behemoth... The activity in the commercial is a 10 on the "too cool" scale. Plus, the song used in it by Fu Manchu is just smokin'! Reminds me of The Pixies.

Johhny Pageless?... Kinsi?... Permafrost?... OmBen?...

C'mon... you know you wanna. I need to find a cape for this.


And my dog in the fight!

Take that chumps. My team got in the game anyway!

3 responses to “and now… a word from our sponsor

  1. I loved the squirrell/screamy one.

    I didn’t watch much, but I saw a good commercial segment with the fire-breather (budweiser?) and also a take on the godfather where a dude wakes with a car part in his bed.

    That last segment is true? About chester pitts?


  2. Count me in on the big wheel race!

  3. I was surprised at how low key they all were.

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