On kisses and spit

I’m in a silly mood today. Maybe it’s because The Amazon is still pursuing me and I’m feeling all giddy over that. It’s nice to be wanted.

So i went into the kitchen here in our offices to get coffee and took back a spoon I had planned to use earlier this morning but didn’t. (had an unused plastic one in a drawer I found). So i put the metal spoon back in the utensil drawer.

My co-worker Irma says, “ewww Huleeáhn, what arr jew dewink?!” (she has a very think Mexican accent)

“what?… it’s clean. I only licked it once.”


(I didn’t really lick it but it’s funny. like I said I’m in a silly mood.)


I have two sisters. The baby and another, a year and half older than her.
Sandra my younger sister when she was like six or seven began repeating something she learned in school or somewhere that a dog’s mouth is the cleanest of all animals.

(I don’t know if that’s true but she used to say it… a lot.)

So one day our dog came up to her when she was sitting on the floor and gave her a good sloppy one right across the lips and face. She jumped up and started screaming about how the dog just licked her in her mouth. My younger brother began taunting her saying very sarcastically, “but a dog’s mouth is the cleanest of all animals.”

Then my youngest brother without looking away from the tv, yells out to the fray, “i think she just finished licking her butt.”

It was only one little kiss on the face.

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7 responses to “On kisses and spit

  1. laughing muchly here….I love dogs, love me but they do do lots of butt licking….blech. So what gives with the Amazon? A date lined up yet (I’m so awful, I barely know you and I’m prying into your personal life (grin)).

  2. Thank goodness you are, Jo. We want amazon updates!

    Your youngest brother sounds like one of those lucky, occam’s razor people who get right to the heart of the matter without any hemming and hawing.

  3. Hey guys… hee hee. Amazon updates, huh. Well, despite my continued efforts to explain to her that my face would be in chest when stand together she continues to want to talk to me. Maybe that’s a bonus for her. 🙂

    Actually, Jo… not date yet. I think it may a long way out. I left out a certain detail. How could I forget this. She’s in Nebraska. 😦

    We’ll see what happens. She seems really cool and we do actually have quite a bit in common. Who’d a thunk it. I’ll keep everyone updated.

  4. Distance is no obstacle (grin)….face in chest, not a problem then!

  5. When I was a kid I honestly and truly thought that if the dog licked the plate or bowl clean, it was ready to be put back in the cabinet. I’m not sure if that was because I had also fallen for the propoganda that a dog’s mouth is very clean, or if I was simply of the mind, if it looks clean, it is clean.

    Good luck with the Amazon. What fun!

  6. ((LB)) i always look forward to your comments. This one had me giggling and chuckling to myself to where I couldn’t really contain it. My co-worker asked me if I was ok and why was I crying… I then burst out laughing and couldn’t stop. thank you.

    Well, Jo… I guess in this modern age with e-mail, webcams, night&weekend cell phone minutes, etc distance might not be a problem. We haven’t quite talked yet about the face in the boobs thing yet though. I mean how do you bring something like that up? Maybe after the first date right. 😉

  7. That doglickbowlthing has me almost hurling, but laughing too.

    …..if you’re talking cyber for now, it isn’t even an issue (frankly it’s not an issue any way but you know what I mean) 🙂

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