a little live music this weekend

I went and saw a wonderful duet at a favorite watering hole of mine. This husband and wife team are absolutely amazing. I thought of Amuirin and the really cool musicians she introduces us to now and again.

Thought I would reciprocate.

So fellow bloggers, wonderful blog peeps and blog stumblers, I present…. andi and i performing “love never fails”.


3 responses to “a little live music this weekend

  1. Hi. Hey, thanks for the kind mention. She has a lovely, mellow voice, but the guitar player, Jules, it looks like she’s got Jesus on accompaniment!

  2. yes, she does have a lovely voice, but he is very, er, jesus-like 🙂

  3. hmmm…. you know… i think i see the resemblance. 😛

    I guess I’ve never really noticed. When I first met them about three years ago, he looked the same but he’s like this really, really nice gentle giant. Well, not that Jesus isn’t a nice guy… just you know. I mean, ugh… there I go again Amuirin. foot in mouth.

    Stand back Jo… you might get hit by lightening if you’re too near me.

    Andi used to have these really cool, long dread locks but she shaved her head a couple of years ago like Sinead O’Conner and went with… well, regular hair.

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