The Deist… one helluva model American

So I went out and did my civic duty. The folks at the county assessor’s office didn’t really appreciate me using my camera in the voting booth for some reason.

I think maybe they didn’t want me to get proof of what I think might be a premeditated bit of “hanging chad” syndrome.

Well, as you can see, we here in Texas will have none of that. All electronic baby. Just so long as the knuckleheads at the county take all the voting booths back.

One of the people I know there told me a story about how a few years ago some county employee went to his neighborhood bar after voting was over with the voting machine in the trunk of his vehicle. His sole job was to turn in the one voting booth he was responsible for back so the votes could get counted.

Anyway, I thought the lady who came up to me (who looked like she could have been a former East German shot put thrower in the ’72 Olympics) was gonna throw the smack down on me and confiscate my little point and shoot.

But, alas, The Deist with his powers of sway and persuasion, charm and wit came away unscathed. Take that chumps!

[Deist walks away singing to the tune of hail to the chief, “hm hm hm hmmmm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hmmm

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6 responses to “The Deist… one helluva model American

  1. wow, voting looks kind of hightech over there…….

  2. Hey even in the hicktown that I live in we have A electronic voting machine. I was surprised that you were able to snap a picture but I’m not surprised that you used your powers of Diest persuasion. Charming aren’t you?

  3. I watched that video three times, mesmerized. I imagine that isn’t how you persuaded or charmed her, but you’d still come in awfully handy at the DMV.

  4. B-mom!!! hello! I’ve missed you! We’ve missed you. And yes, i am quite the charmer aren’t I, to not get thrown in the pokey for taking pics of the ol’ voting booth.

    And you’re right Amuirin, not the method I used to get out of a “let’s get ready to rumbllllllle” moment. My favorite part of the video is he actually does the ruffles and flourishes at the beginning. Reminds me of when I was in the military.

  5. Out here in California they switch systems around willy-nilly. We did the electrical before accusations of fraud, we did punch card, and this primary they went back to good old pencil and paper fill-in-the-little box.

    I’m kind of glad.

    I do not trust Diebold, the electronic voting machine company, and I especially do not trust Karl Rove and his evil spawn not to get in and tweak the electronic bytes and bits.

    I want a paper record.

    So, I’m assuming the barhopping pollworker got his machine in on time? You began with a great premise to a story. Maybe a title like, “how I took 2,047 votes for a ride” or some such.

  6. I’m with OmbudsBen on this one. Them new-fangled machines make me right nervous. Besides, I doubt the sweet old ladies in the church basement that have been handing me my “I Voted” sticker for the past umpteen years would know how to handle those fancy machines. Give me a felt tip pen and a sheet of paper, and I’m a happy voter.

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