falling of the wagon

The eating-well-and-taking-care-of-my-body wagon that is.

At the beginning of the year i wrote about how I was already a couple of months into shedding some pounds and getting healthier. But like most people with New Year’s resolutions and high hopes, it didn’t last all year nor did it last very long.

For the past month I’ve been eating like crap. Too much to do and not enough time to do it has spun me into the 99cent heart attack diet and my body is letting me know about it. I just feel like… yuck.
This morning I talked with my adopted big sis, Lillet, and she said that is most certainly what is causing my “yuck” feeling. She said I’m not eating any foods with any lifeforce in them.
Lillet is a little more new agey than me (actually I don’t consider myself new agey at all) but I think she might have a point here.

On the WordPress home page I saw a blogger’s post that pointed to this article. It’s an interview with Michael Pollan by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now. Really interesting interview on the food industry and the business of food. Here’s one of my favorite exchanges from the interview.

Goodman: I was a whole grain baker in Maine, and I would consider the coup to be to get our whole grain organic breads in the schools of Maine for the kids, but we just couldn’t compete with Wonder Bread which could stay on the shelf — I don’t know if it was a year.

Pollan: That’s amazing.

Goodman: Ours, after a few days, of course, would get moldy, because it was alive.

Pollan: Right. And, in fact, one of my tips is, don’t eat any food that’s incapable of rotting. If the food can’t rot eventually, there’s something wrong.

Although, I’ve been exposed to a number of vegetarians and the veggie lifestyle over the past several years because of my UU church it never really resonated with me. But a little while back I met a girl who is a raw foods vegetarian. Our conversation really got me to thinking and stuck in my head. And now talking with Lillet just this morning and then stumbling on this interview with Michael Pollan this afternoon….

Hmmm…. maybe The Universe is trying to tell me something.

5 responses to “falling of the wagon

  1. I bought 2 pounds of strawberries yesterday thinking that we couldn’t eat them all and they would probably rot. They are gone! Every last one of them. You can do this.

  2. I’m hungry.

    You can do it, Jules, if you set your mind to eating healthy. I’m not sure I buy in to whole foods diets or vegetarian diets, or anything that seems too extreme one way or another. But healthy, natural foods with the occasional indulgence… that’s a sustainable diet.

    (this from someone who lived today on Dr. Pepper and saltines)

    If you do it, I’ll do it. We could be health buds.

  3. Thanks for the words of encouragement you two. Yeah, I’m not sure I buy into “new” or fad diets either Amuirin. A couple of years ago I ate as a vegetarian (with the help of a friend) for a little more than six months. My body started to feel really weird and not in a good way. I later heard even the Dalai Lama eats meat every few days at the insistence of his doctors.

    health buds…. I like it.

    Today I brought my lunch. Little baby carrots to munch on. An apple and some yogurt for breakfast and for lunch… (drum roll)

    A big bowl of Frito pie with loads of cheese, a little onion and jalapenos topped off with some sour cream. occasional indulgence right. 🙂 besides my only meeting is before lunch.

  4. Baby steps, Jules, baby steps. Maybe at first just get some real whole grain bread instead of your usual stuff. Then maybe incorporate free range organic meat. Ya know, baby steps. Vegetarianism isn’t for everyone. Frankly, I feel better without meat. Some people really need it.

    But, damn, that Frito pie sounded good. 🙂

  5. My grandma makes frito pie. It makes our family all… harmonious.

    Yesterday, I did what I often do, which is forget to eat until mid-afternoon, and then I’m really hungry. I had a bowl of stew and a piece of yummy, crusty bread. Good snack three hours later of an orange, then I fell down again, nibbled an oatmeal cookie for dinner and a sprite.

    What’s kinda weird, is when I actually keep track of what I eat, and especially tell someone, I feel a lot more self-conscious of the bad choices and prouder of the good ones. I think otherwise my eating is just careless, I forget about it, then it’s spurred by hunger and convenience.

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