Photos – sunflowers

I’ve been meaning to keep posting these but as I looked at all the negs I found I kept thinking,

“meh, this one sucks”

“oh yeah, i remember taking these. yep, they suck, too.”

“Oooh… and this set of pics. hello… suuuuhhhh-ck.”

I heard or read someone say recently, “perfection is death. Perfection is death to art.”

So here are a couple that i never printed but always liked. Didn’t print ’em because they were so flat. Very weak to no contrast. Probably something in the development and not the exposure I’m thinking. I had to really tweak the heck out of ’em in photoshop to get them to turn out at all.

i remember taking pics of my ex-wife in this field. Not my daughter’s mommy but my second wife. She had on a sunflower dress and it was blowing with the wind just like the sunflowers in the field. Her hair was long and blonde and blew in her face. I hadn’t thought of that in some time.

For some reason I can’t find that roll of negs. Wish I could. Glad I found these though.

sunflower images ©2000 rjz

6 responses to “Photos – sunflowers

  1. Hello, and good afternoon from Phoenix. I’m finally getting my act together (for now that is) and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, catching up. Thanks as well for stopping by my page!

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. I think that part of the experience of photography is capturing a moment so you can go back to that time whenever you wish – and it sounds like you described that in your post today… mission accomplished.

    I dated a pro for a while (a photographer, that is, *wink wink*), and one of the maddening things about him was that he was spending way more time on capturing the moment than experiencing it. It got frustrating after awhile. For all his failings, my father was an outstanding amateur photographer who was capable of capturing those moments while still ruining them (HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Actually, where I was going was that he was still participating while taking pictures. That was a pretty neat skill to have, and I’ve seen a lot of pros who just don’t have that.

    Something else to take into consideration…

    The first year of college, I was at the University of Arizona in Tucson. That year, they acquired a collection of negatives from Ansel Adams. One of my assignments as a work-study student in Fine Arts was to assist in the classification of all of these negatives. Keep in mind, there are several hundred BOXES of negatives that had yet to be seen by anyone.

    Point is, there were a lot of negatives that didn’t look like the Ansel Adams we know. I think he accidently took pictures with the lenscap on like everyone else.

    SO… enjoy your pictures, and cut yourself some slack.


  2. I like them a lot too, even after you kinda set up my expectations with all that criticism. They capture a mood, and the wild tangle of sunflowers is very different than the lone-standing kind you often see.

    These are kinda special.

  3. Melon Girl – what a cool story about the Adams negatives. Thanks for sharing. And yeah, I should probably not be so hard on myself about these.

    Thanks Amuirin. I guess they are kinda special with the memory they bring back.

    B-mom! Thanks for stopping by again. I see you’ve started writing again. The coffee post was poignant and stirring.

  4. Absolutely lovely, so much caught here… did you find the magnolia ones?

  5. you’re funny Jo. Nope, I didn’t find the negs but I found something kinda interesting. I found the contact sheet (an 8×10 with a roll of negs printed on it). I have a print of my favorite of the bunch hanging on my wall. I’ll try to get it posted as soon as I can.

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