Photos – a magnolia blossom

One of my blog peeps, Jo over at Florescence, wrote a poem titled “Magnolia”. Wonderful piece. You should go take a look at it.

In her comments I told her how it reminded of a time several years ago (when I was still shooting photographic art) I became obsessed with magnolia blossoms.

I’ve always liked them but for some reason back in 1999 or so I couldn’t get enough of them. I remember I tried taking pics in 1998 but none of them turned out. So for a year I waited for the spring to come back around and give some good blossoms to try and get.

I hadn’t thought of this in a long time and it’s not until I write this that I remember this fascination with magnolia flowers lasted more than a year… more like two actually. It wasn’t a year of constant shooting magnolia blossoms, they were just on my mind.

Anyway, in 1999 I got a really nice one still on the tree. I wish I could find it. I’ll hunt for it Jo.

After I remarried in 2001, my then wife and two step children gave me a magnolia tree for father’s day.

Hmm… [Deist smiles]. It’s still doing quite well in my backyard.

Well, below is the final magnolia blossom I printed as well as something interesting… the contact sheet of one of the rolls of film I developed. I couldn’t find the film.

Of the final one I chose, I printed a limited edition of 10 and one artist’s proof which is the one below. Weird that it’s on 35mm film because most of the art stuff I did was on medium format film or 4×5 sheets. It turned out quite nice though. Unfortunately the scanner I used doesn’t quite do it justice. This is one I actually hang on my wall at home.

Hope y’all like it and thank you Jo for reminding me of how I got to this print and for your poem.

magnolia-contact-sheet.jpg            magnolia-blossom.jpg

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2 responses to “Photos – a magnolia blossom

  1. Oh Jules, that is absolutely beautiful, it’s as near perfect as a flowerphoto gets, thank you so much for posting this, really, really exquisite.

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