another equinox post – sunrise in Ireland

I found this really cool video at

It shows 50 minutes of sunrise at Cairn “T” one of several megalithic cairns which are dotted around the Slieve na Caillaigh hills at Loughcrew in Ireland.

[EDIT! I forgot to mention, the 50 minutes of sunrise has been compressed into 40 seconds.  ok, now have a peek.]

Is that too cool or what!


6 responses to “another equinox post – sunrise in Ireland

  1. Leap of faith to push that button. WHen you say a video is fifty minutes of sunrise, you know, your reader thinks they’d be getting fifty minutes of video, and while a sunrise ought to be worth that much time, a video of a sunrise surely wouldn’t be.

    But I took a look.

    40 seconds. whew.

  2. DOH! i forgot that vital piece of info… compressed to 40 seconds. It was in my head. I swear it was. I wonder if my stats will go up on this post now.

  3. Happy equinox, man! I hope you toasted it with an appropriate fermented brew.

  4. Ombud! Ha! It’s rather coincidental that you should mention toasting it in with a favorite imbibe. I actually was thinking yesterday that I haven’t had a beer in a pretty fair amount of time (about a month) so I got something I thought would be appropriate for the day. Sat in front of the tube watching the first season of Northern Exposure drinking another very fave IPA… Broken Halo. good stuff.

  5. That was beautiful, love the markings on the wall. And yes, just the right length 🙂

  6. Northern Ex! Before West Wing, then all the good stuff HBO has done, Northern Exposure was my favorite show of all time. They did one where the circus visited town that was like something straight out of Fellini. Brilliant stuff.

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