you can get a degree in anything!

who knew?

consultant, psychologist, social worker,

software professional, health care manager, teacher AND….



5 responses to “you can get a degree in anything!

  1. lolol

    do they mean bounty hunter or booty hunter?


  2. Perhaps they would like to offer a degree to themselves in lexiography in order to better communicate with their intended audience? Ha ha ha ha.

  3. There could be some continuity in coursework.

    If one works through the classes for social worker without resorting to physical force, you have a good chance of qualifying for the job.

    If, however, you are less risk averse, like that adrenaline rush, and find physical force to be an easy shortcut, maybe they steer you toward bounty hunting …

  4. Become a Bouty Hunter – the profession where correct spelling simply is not required.

  5. Oh yeah, and it also appears personal grooming is not a priority either.

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