a time for renewed hope


… baseball season has begun. The Astros started off the 2008 season in San Diego last week and our home opener is today.

Now I’m not one of those guys who is a sports freak. I mean, I don’t paint my face for game day, I don’t high-five strangers next to me at the bar after a good play. And i don’t normally clear my calendar every year as the season home opener approaches but one of my blogpeeps, Ombudsben has got me excited about this year’s baseball season. I shouldn’t give him all the credit, I mean I usually follow the hometown Astros off and on throughout te season and the Astros have been my team since I first picked up a baseball and played little league at the age of 7. But Ombud has got me feeling a little more charged up about baseball this year.

Not that he’s spouted off any stats, or given any inside info on trades, spring training spotlights or omniscient predictions of another Astros showing at the World Series. Nope, in fact, my west coast living friend Ombud, originally from Minnesota, is a Twins fan. But just mentioning the upcoming season in comments to posts has brought on memories of season’s past and renewed hope.

I’m sure a ton of ministers out there have given a sermon or two using the metaphor of baseball as new hope. I mean, c’mon… it’s a gimmie. Baseball season starts about the time the spring equinox happens and little green buds are popping out, Jesus’ resurrection and Persephone finally arriving from Hades.

The beginning of baseball is like new hope.

And although my ‘Stros have dropped five of their first seven games this year (all before the home opener… ugh), i’m hopeful. Sure they’ve let me down in the past (and seem to be letting me down already). But hey there are still 155 games left.

New hope… that’s what the 2008 season brings.
At least for me, 2008 brings new hope and in more things than just the Astros’ baseball season.
But, in the mean time, as I find new hope…

The Astros are back home at The Juice Box!


[splashcast CTKU1884LX]

“Take Me Out to the Ball Game”
Performed by The Goo Goo Dolls


One response to “a time for renewed hope

  1. Your Astros are going to score a lot of runs.
    That’s the good news.
    The bad news is that, after Roy Oswalt, your pitchers are probably going to give up a lot of runs, too …

    I just checked the Giants schedule, Houston visits PacBell/SBC/AT&T (Your Name Here) ballpark in May. A four-game set — I may go see them. The Giants are going to be pretty bad this year, but I like the game itself so am kind of looking forward to all the hoopla over the new park being over (I don’t like big crowds much).

    SF visits Enron, err, MinuteMaid Park (the ball is juiced!) in early August. By then, the Giants season will be over — but your ‘Stros might still be in contention.

    If their pitchers come through.

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