is this art?…

Personally, as an artist who has worked in two different mediums and been recognized with awards for my efforts, I don’t think so. I am humble about my achievements. I just mention them to give credibility to my opinion on why I don’t think this is art.

There comes a point where testing the limits of human interaction, human involvement and human discovery when confronted with certain situations steps over the limit of even the most obscure performance art.

Of course, the skeptic in me wonders if this is even true, so I looked it up on Snopes to see the status of this story. As of April 14th, it was still undetermined. I wonder if the real performance of this project is the collection of comments from around the world via the internet. In which case, it would be a rather amazing display to see the empathy and compassion people have towards man’s best friend compared against the backdrop of fellow human beings who starve to death in third world countries on a daily basis.

With that in mind… what do you think? Art? Cruelty? A headfake? All of the above.

Below the vid, is the email I received today that sparked this post.

May all sentient beings have happiness and its causes,
May all sentient beings be free of suffering and its causes,
May all sentient beings never be separated from bliss and be devoid of suffering,
May all sentient beings be in equanimity, free of bias, attachment and anger.
The Four Immeasurables ~ The Buddha

In 2007, the ‘artist’ Guillermo Vargas “Habacuc”, took a dog from the street, tied him to a rope in an art gallery, and starved him to death

For several days, the ‘artist’ and the visitors of the exhibition watched emotionless the shameful ‘masterpiece’ based on the dog’s agony, until eventually he died

This is not all… the prestigious Visual Arts Biennial of the Central American decided that the ‘installation’ was actually art, so that Guillermo Vargas Habacuc has been invited to repeat his cruel action for the biennial of 2008

It takes a second to help put a stop to animal abuse!
Sign the petition, today;

http://www. petitiononline. com/ea6gk/petition-sign. html


7 responses to “is this art?…

  1. No. It’s not.
    And I’m glad there are laws against it here.

    Much as I think America became less civilized when the Reagan administration opened the asylums up and pushed the mentally ill out on the streets, we have not sunk this low.

  2. After reading the explanation, I couldn’t watch the video.

    I think it’s ill. Sick. Psychotic and dark… yes, people starve in many countries. Yes, dogs starve in real life. But to watch it, to be entertained by it, to ‘get off’ and gain in any way by it,

    there has to be a special tier of hell for such an act.

  3. I can’t watch the video either, I could however watch the artist being made to suffer the same fate. What an arse, this is beyond sick, yes, special tier of hell.

  4. Didn’t I read this was not true-in that the dog was removed every night; fed and watered, and never was in danger.

  5. Count me in as another who couldn’t/wouldn’t watch the video. I truly truly hope it was just a fake out designed to elicit outrage. If that was the point, he was quite successful. If not, he should be arrested.

  6. I saw this circulating in late 2007. Snopes published an article here.

    I agree with LB. I hope it’s a fake out because I would really hate to have to track Vargas down and kick his *bleep!* It would be very hard to afford a trip down there right about now… 😉

  7. I just did a check and it turns out this story is not true… according to reports to Wikipedia… if one can trust that source.

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