gam zeh yavor… this too shall pass

I woke up this morning a little earlier than normal… about ten minutes to six… and with an unusual feeling…


And as i began soaking in this unusual feeling i began thinking about why. What did i do different. I mean i need to remember this so it happens again.

I did go for a run last night but I didn’t push myself and it was only for about 20 minutes. Nice hot shower after the run and then a brown ale while watching re-runs. I fell asleep no earlier than normal… about 11:30 or so.

It was chilly last night here on the Gulf Coast Plains. So I had the windows open last night at Chez Jules and i guess all of that together was a recipe for waking up feeling… well, feeling good.

But then it occurred to me the overlooked piece of the equation which most likely contributed to me waking up feeling refreshed… my cat didn’t sleep on my bed last night. She gets on my bed after the lights go out. I’ve tried kicking her off but eventually I’m out and she is able to get up there, walking on me throughout the night and sometimes perching herself on my chest or my head to sleep.

So today, as I start my morning routine, I realize not only did the cat not sleep on my bed but she’s gone. No where to be found. I KNOW! How does a cat just disappear?

I feel like i’ve had one those alien abductions where you lose time and little things seem a bit out of place. Little things like a cat being evaporated in the middle of the night!!!

I keep trying to retrace everything I did and I just can’t remember exactly what happened. I just kinda remember clusters.

I mean, I came home about 7:30 after getting off work and running some errands.

Said, “hey cat. i see you didn’t burn down the place.” She twirled on the carpet and lifted her butt in the air cuz she’s in heat… again.

“Want some chow?”
“alright, here ya go.”
“purr… purr… purr.”
“good cat…”

I don’t exactly remember when I opened up the windows but it was before the sun went down cuz I remember noodling around on the guitar a little while finishing the fast food i got on the way home and wondering if the kids playing outside could hear me. It was still a little light outside.

Change into shorts. Stretch… a lot! Watch a little tv for about an hour. Keep stretching.

Go run…
Hit the showers.
wake up… cat is GONE!

weirdest thing… i wonder if she’ll make it back home.
The lesson: we are only in each other’s lives for a short while. Make the most of it.

2 responses to “gam zeh yavor… this too shall pass

  1. Oh no! I hope she returns. Also, check your shed or garage (if you have them) and other hiding places she might have gotten into; it’s possible she’s just caught somewhere nearby.

  2. Thanks Shelby. Well I saw her last night after work in this little atrium thing I have but when I opened the window to try and get her she ran off. She looked scared and confused.

    No sign of her this morning although I saw a few male cats in my backyard. I don’t think this is going to turn out very good.

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