bootlegging a celebrity post from Moxie

I haven’t had much to say lately so I’m lifting an idea from my blog peep Moxie who has a pretty cool post she put up on Friday. She was talking about celebrity sightings she’s had. So instead of posting a really long comment there I thought i’d pingback on her.

I don’t get too worked up in a frenzy over celebrities… i don’t think i ever really have but at the same time if I hear or see something about a well known celebrity I can’t turn away. Kind of the train wreck syndrome right.

I can only remember a few bonafide celebrities sightings I’ve had.

Roger Clemens:
I was on a photo assignment to take pictures at (of all places) my old high school a couple of years ago. Our one really famous alumnus, Roger Clemens showed up to say a few words on the school’s 40th anniversary. We were on the opposite end of the basketball court of everyone else. I walked up to him and told him I shot for the Chronicle but was also an alum. I shook his hand and said I’m sure everyone here would be excited that our most famous alum took time to come out on this day. He was gracious, said thanks and walked up to the podium.

He’s got hands like friggin bear paws. It’s no wonder he was so good as a pitcher. It would be like my wrapping around a ping pong ball.

Then there was Anne Heche and Ellen Degeneres:
I was on a business trip in San Diego back in (i think it was) 1998 and stayed at Humphrey’s By The Bay. During the summer they have concerts on the lawn of the hotel. Well Ellen was performing that night. A bunch of us on the trip were having drinks by the pool and Ellen walked by us with a bunch of her posse as well as Anne. They both said hi to us and waived. After the show, Ellen was either drunk, exhausted or hopped up on something because her bodyguards were practically having to carry her by her arms. We called out to her but Anne turned around and said Ellen wasn’t feeling well. She came over to say hi and give a couple of quick autographs though. And I’ll say this about Anne. Stunning! Unbelievably beautiful. Much more so in person than film and tv portray. Maybe it was her personality, too.

Billy Gibbons:
I don’t know if he really counts because the famous ZZ Top guitarist is apparently seen all over Houston and also I didn’t really talk or say anything to him. Anyway, I went to meet a client back in March for a late lunch and there was Billy with friends downing margaritas and eating TexMex. We thought about going and saying hi but figured, “meh… we’ll see him again soon.”

Tah dahhh…. so whatcha got? Ever met or talked to any celebrities.


4 responses to “bootlegging a celebrity post from Moxie

  1. Growing up in Burbank, it wasn’t tough to spot a celebrity. In fact, one gets pretty cynical at a young age with your run of the mill celebrities.

    I did, however, go to high school with Clint Howard. Yes, character actor and coattail rider extraordinaire. We were pretty good buds. I remember when we went over to see his brother Ronnie (now Ron) and the Happy Days crew playing softball. Clint almost had to slap his hand over my mouth as I blurted out rather loudly “damn, your brother has a big ass.” He was also a lot shorter than he appeared on TV. But then again, in comparison to Henry Winkler, they were all giants.

  2. Bumped into pro wrestler Nature Boy Rick Flair in the bar of the Richmond Hyatt after my brother’s rehearsal dinner the night before his (first) wedding. I had been a wrestler in high school and thought pro wrestlers gave the true sport of wrestling a bad name. I was making my way over there to tell that to Nature Boy to his face when calmer heads prevailed and dragged me out of the joint.

    Funny, 25 years later we sat on the beach next to Hulk Hogan down in South Beach. By then I was too old and too sober to defend the fine sport of collegiate style wrestling.

    Oh, and Dave Matthews played at our fraternity house before they hit the big time. Got to meet him and talk a little bit before the show when they were upstairs in one of the rooms “prepping” for the concert, if you know what I mean. Can you imagine them playing a frat party?

  3. And . . . Ashley Stringer lived two doors down from me in the Fratty Palace. I can’t remember if I hazed him as a pledge.

    Go here. . . .
    Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart: The Book Tour Continued – Political Capital with John Harwood –

  4. Hey Jules, long time no see. I loved reading about your celebrity sightings. Maybe I’ll do a post on mine. I’ve had a couple of elevator rides with famous people, including Rock Hudson, who was filming the movie Avalanche in Durango, CO, at the same time that my high school ski club were there. (1979. Wow, I’m getting old.)

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