let it go…

When does extreme persistence, endurance, conviction, perseverance, etc. just become plain delusional.  I mean I am by far not even close to being a math genius, but even I get that Hillary cannot win.  If it were even possible that she would have been tapped as the VP on the ticket, I can’t imagine it would happen as she continues to limp onward.

And then with folks like this from West Virginia… it’s almost embarrassing to watch.  I mean it’s come to a point where one can’t even laugh at the ignorance.  It’s quite sad actually.

3 responses to “let it go…

  1. But I bet that people living in these late primary state will bless her for making their elections relevant. This long drawn out primary is energizing possible Democratic voters for the fall by giving them a reason to pay attention now. Of course, it may be a further incentive to reform the process so that it doesn’t go on for 4 months.

  2. Good point Alex. I’ve actually wondered what it would be like if each state’s results weren’t tallied until the end.

    The Indiana’s, West Virginia’s, Kentucky’s and Guam’s of the primaries would feel more involved or like you said… that their vote would be more relevant.

  3. geeze. watched video.

    I think you should hafta pass a very basic level i.q. test in order to be able to vote.

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