easter eggs, ghost tracks, hidden songs

Seems as though everyone is doing a ghost track or bonus song/material on their CDs these days. I ran across a website dedicated to them. http://www.hiddensongs.com

This is from that website:

A hidden, or “ghost”, track is a song on an album which is not listed on the album sleeve or jacket. On a CD, usually the song is accessed by playing the final track through then going through a brief moment of silence.

An unlisted track is different because the hidden song has its own track and can be directly accessed without having to go through the previous song.

I can’t remember the first time I stumbled on or heard of a ghost track. Seems like it may have been from Tool’s Undertow CD. If i remember right, at the end of the last song if you wait for about 30 or so seconds the track numbers start cycling pretty fast until it reaches track 69. What other number would one think of Tool to use. Anyway, I think that’s how that one happened… i can’t remember.

I bought a DVD of the 30th anniversary of Rush and in the main menu the band tells you there are easter eggs to look for.

And this is kinda cool. Apparently ghost tracking was happening before CDs began being produced. The Beatles did it on the Sgt Pepper’s record. You know you’re old school if you call a release an album or record.

I don’t know why i’m writing about this today. Just something that popped in my head that just got me to thinking.














3 responses to “easter eggs, ghost tracks, hidden songs

  1. I love getting a ghost track. The first one I remember was on Counting Crow’s ‘This Desert Life’. At the end of the c.d. there’s two tracks. .. Was it Counting Crows or Travis? Anyway, one of them was a pretty okay song, but the other one was like 8 minutes long, consisting mostly of goofing off by the band. First noise and then someone starts to play, and then they’re jamming, and then there’s a crash and something falls over, and they finish, but one of them still is playing, and the rest of them are trying to get him to stop.

    It’s pretty funny.

  2. I know! I love ’em. The ones from Tool are kinda weird and creepy but I stumbled on one once (i can’t remember who it was) but there was like farting noises and laughing and then i think someone said, “tah dahhhhh” funny, huh.

  3. I like the hidden easter egg that a developer did in MS Office 97. If you type “I’d like to see Bill Gates dead” in any MS Office program, highlight it and select “Thesaurus,” the only suggestion it comes up with is “I’ll drink to that.” Sadly, this was taken out of the later versions. 😦

    BTW, you’ve been tagged. Neener neener neener! 😛 Check out my blog.

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